Knitting and Goblins

My final assignment in photoshop class (digital painting).

Pff…. This took like 50ish hours in total, I guess. I finished 3 audiobooks (1984, Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead, part of Xenocide also) while working… So it’s minimum of 40 hours for sure. I wish I got paid for all this time :P

There are a lot of smaller and bigger things I’d like to fix, but I’m trying to learn to let things go and stop trying to perfect everything to infinity… Yes, I can fix them, but this was the image I had for my presentation in class – so I should learn to call it done and stop justifying the errors (didn’t have time for this or that and etc), learn from it and the critiques I get. [“FINISH – NOT PERFECT“. This should be a rule of thumb. Yea…all comes to time management. Heard it so many times today as we were getting our reviews by the teachers. But hey, that’s what we’re there for. ]

Click on images for full-view.

[P.S This is the cropped version.]

Goblins… Knitting… and embroidering… Because gobelins…. nevermind. :D

Detail shots:

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