Digital painting studies and practice

Here I present you some Digital painting class exercises from the previous three weeks :)

This one was a shading and adding color practice. The lineart was given, I picked Merida’s parents from Brave.

I couldn’t for the life of me find who’s the artist behind the original. I know it’s from a Brave coloring book (perhaps this one?), obviously belonging to Disney and Pixar by right, but the info just says “various disney artists”. So, dunno. Here’s the progress images of the process; Given lineart, to grayscaled shaded image (getting rid of the lines), to coloring it. All done in photoshop.

Next is another coloring exercise, setting a mood for an environment.

Again we had to start by selecting one of a few given black and white images, in this case it’s a concept art by Michel Koch. All I did was lay over the colors.

And lastly, some digital material painting practice.

That’s all for now :) A few character design concepts coming up soon!

Have a good weekened everyone!

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