Poly the little Polaroid (and vintage items concept)

Say hi to Poly the old little Polaroid cam.

This was another homework assignment I had; Come up with animated object characters.

Poly is a scaredy-cat. He is square, so to say, old-fashioned and naive. His little band gets stuck all the time, and when he’s nervous he unintentionally prints photos (sometimes even of previous events or memories, making things even more embarrassing!). He was thrown away when his old owners passed, and is unaware of how popular he could be by instagram-savvy people.

Here is a line up of Poly and his friends (they have no names); They’re all vintage items differently dealing with being irrelevant tech.

  • (Phone) The dominant leader type, stern fatherly figure who takes care of everyone.

  • (Boombox) The ex-“cool-guy”, over-confident he’s still relevant and keeps telling everyone stories of how important he still is. Hyper active, fun and jazzy.

  • (Radio) The depressive, suicidal type. (kinda like Marvin from Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

That’s all for today ) More concepts and works coming!

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