That’s his name :) Or a lazy excuse for a name, heh, it means “tiny” in Hebrew.

This is my friend’s doggy I painted for a “animal out of place” assignment.

Process :

Those of you with a sharp eye might have noticed the background is very much a slightly modified frame from the Hobbit (where the eagles drop Bilbo and the dwarves, ah? With the lonely mountain in the back) Of course, painted from scratch, but based on that.

We were asked (khm, required?) to trace the photo references, and then shade them in gray scale. I’m not happy with it, seems to me it’d be far quicker and simpler to just, well, you know- paint it in colors to begin with. I dislike messing with the ‘burned’ look whites and and blacks it creates. But eh, overall I of course enjoyed painting this cuteness )

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