Improvement chart

Coming straight from the deviantArt memes section, an improvement chart of my art through the years… Of course, this isn’t necessarily the “best” of my works for each year, or the best representatives of what I was making that year, merely the ones I chose to show.

(click for larger view)

Slooooow improvement. But actually, only during 2013-2015 I was actually officially aiming for improvement.

All of the things from 2015 are not yet polished enough and barely “done” (since most I do is homework and I don’t have time to perfect it, having to move on with the other assignments). Sure, it’s no excuse, but I know I’m very much determined to polish up and fix a lot of the things I’ve made this year. Just a couple more months, then I should be able to catch up on everything, set up a shiny portfolio, and.. umm. Not sure what comes next. I have an upcoming project which might be taking my full attention. Well, we shall see.

*Facebook graffiti arts I mentioned in 2010 (none of which are shown above) can be found here: (link). It was a microsoft paint like app on Facebook, with one single brush (controlled size and opacity) and a single small canvas with one layer. You could paint on people’s walls (thus the name, “graffiti”, when profiles were still “walls” and not “timelines”). Fun times…

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