Woooo !!

New site ! New blog ! :D *super excited* I'm still working on migrating all my old blog posts to here... But yay, first post on my own domain! (again, yay!) I think I've been dreaming of a domain name of my own since I was like 8. xD Yeah, I was a nerdy little girl whose hobbies included building HTML/Java script based sites. See, my love for graphics never went away. Annnd not only that I have my own site, but it's also (finally) a portfolio of my illustrations and concept design works. Let me tell you, that the little girl in 2nd grade who liked filling blank notebooks cover-to-cover with silly comics about animals, that little girl never imagined she'd end up having an art related future. (because that little girl also loved math and programming and always thought she'd be a program engineer like her parents). Ha. I'll be uploading all the new stuff I'm working on soon enough! :) First I have to be done working on the main portfolio page.

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